Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Get Some Love

Everyone loves something.

The man or woman who disputes dedication is trying to complete a puzzle without all the pieces.

So, let's talk corporate for a minute. Most who know me have a pretty good idea of my feelings toward Western Corporate Culture and their control of television-subjugated North Americans. It's not for nothing that I refer to the overall players as the Corporati. Why, then, am I now working for a corporation? Have I really renounced my hatred?

The intense individual tends to love and hate deeply. They throw themselves into the things they are pursuing.

When I worked for small companies in construction, why did I fully engage in the job? Was it because I wanted to help the Little Guy triumph over the Evil Corporate Subdivision o' Crap builders? Or was it because it is second nature for me to give everything I have to whatever I pursue?

When I worked for a shoe company, I gave my efforts wholly to them. Did that make me their slave, another blind follower drinking the "corporate kool-aid"1? Or was it that I was willing to work hard for the company, overlooking certain faults in order for the opportunity to throw myself fully into learning and the chance to work with people?

And now I'm working for another corporation, a (actually) Canadian cell phone company. What's up with that? If ever there was an industry which I should be shunning, or even working to destroy, isn't this it? But in Koodo I have the opportunity to brave new territory. It's hard work, this learning business, but oh man, am I about to give it up?

My business is learning. If I'm not learning, I'm discontented.

So, have I renounced my hatred of corporations? Not really. But have I learned that even corporations can teach and that exceptional potential exists within a large group of dedicated individuals? Absolutely. Therefore, I continue to allow my learning to take new steps. I continue to stretch myself, get angry sometimes, learn, and move into new territory.

What do you love?

1. Thanks to Eric, a fellow I know for that little gem.

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