Sunday, May 23, 2010

Canamerican Discovers Outside World Not Like Home!

I just happened to be looking over some unrelated information when I stumbled across this. And I quote:
dave & christine Posted this report and said:

Agadir [Morocco], where do I start,,, very good beach and sea and the weather we had was superb. After that it was terrible we felt very uneasy everywhere we went, with lots of little gangs around or people begging us for money constantly also men just urinating anywhere they wanted even in the prescence of my wife and no these were not drunken holiday makers these were the local people we witnessed 3 times, food and beer overpriced in the resort, thank god for Mcdonalds. Couple of places we went to eat were terrible but we did find 2 good places (Jazz was one and Scampy was the other) No entertainment except the odd singer or karaokee in the odd bar. If you like a beer ask for the Uniprix and fill the fridge 4 times cheaper than a cafe/bar (didn't know till later in the week) Then the suicide road crossings, any road you try to cross the drivers will not stop at all and look at you in disgust for attempting to cross their road, they flash there lights and will swerve around you overtaking in 3's actually scraping each others cars just to get fractionally in front of the others and avoiding all the people getting in their precious way. Would we go again never.

Awww, did da poor widdle babies find out dat da whole world isn't like your home in American/Canada? I'm still laughing as I read over it again. Nothing beats, "thank god for Mcdonalds."


So, just to verify that I understand correctly. Because the whole world isn't one big, homogenised, super-Caribbean/Mexican resort, they suck. Am I reading the situation correctly? Please allow me to rephrase, just to be sure we're on the same page. You wanted your town's party scene, without the prices, plus warm weather and a beach. Ah, now we're talking.

Next time, stick to a homogenised super-resort. They were built for you, Dave and Christine, to enable you to enjoy warm weather without having to expand your horizons. Go. Be drunk, stupid, and merry.

While it's not everyone's cup of tea, I personally had a wonderful month in Morocco based on research, thinking, setting proper expectations via other travellers, and staying the hell out of resorts.

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