Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fundraising: Yada Yada Yada, Or...

I have nothing against non-profits doing fund raisers. Neither do I desire to slam God, ministries, or any other worthy pursuits. This story developed because I saw a leaflet for an organisation whom I respect highly. They were announcing and advertising this year's annual golf tournament, and since I don't play golf I immediately thought, "Everyone does golf-this or golf-that to raise money. B-o-r-i-n-g. Why not pistols at noon?" And, you can read the rest.

Floating Mouse Ministries would like to thank everyone who made last year's golf tournament such a wonderful success. As a result of the impressive turnout and enthusiasm, we have been urged to make this an annual event. While in the planning stages, a number of our supporters and sponsors had suggestions for value-added experience. As a result, we trust that "Pistols @ High Noon" will meet with as much interest as the golf tournament. At FMM we are certainly looking forward to this fascinating contest. 

The rules for the event are as follows. The loser forfeits 45% of his or her estate to Floating Mouse Ministries, although the contestants certainly may opt for a greater percentage, beneficiaries or dependents willing. The winner of each contest may continue competing, or may drop out after winning their event. There will be a commemorative coin and personalised black T-shirt for each living winner. The logo on the shirt will read: "(front) I shot someone... (back top) and I liked it. (back middle) End Poverty. Pistols @ High Noon '09" The living winner with the most victories will also receive a personalised license plate: "NotToday". 

Corporate sponsors will be given unique signage along our mockup of Dodge City's Main Street.

Registrants for the fund raiser must sign up before May 15th. Additionally, at registration for Pistols @ High Noon we will require a current notarised copy of your Last Will & Testament. The latter event is BYOG, but we do have a limited number of historic Colt six-shooters available. You must register by May 5th if you will require one of our pistols.

Thank you so much for your support last year. We look forward to another incredible year with you.

Corporate Sponsors

Dead'n'Gone Funeral Homes
Larry's Handgun & Fireworks Emporium
The City of Torondo, a progressive community
Beech, Beech, Barkley & Perky, Barristers
Bloody Sands Golf & Country Club

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