Monday, October 5, 2009

Ever heard one of those songs?

This is one sick music video and song. I heard it on a soundtrack, and I said to myself,

"That has a Björk-like ring to it. I like it. I must have it."

So I start searching online, but my friend beats me to finding who it is. Lo and behold, the singer is not Icelandic, but she is Nordic, which is close enough. Something about those high-northern hemisphere Caucasians and their Indy musicians. They've got a common thread.

It turns out that the "singer" in the music vid is one Marianne Schröder, model. (Apparently, those eyes are real.) The singer is Karin Dreijer Andersson, half Goth, half recluse, kinda freaky, killer voice.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy killer voices and stellar, mysterious lyrics? Most of the best people were born in '75-'77.

Well, the song is by Röyksopp, and I don't particularly like what I've heard of the rest of their music. Guess I'm more into so-called trip-hop and hyphens than what they normally serve. But, let me get out of the way. Listen, and if it's your thing, enjoy.

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