Monday, May 4, 2009


Simply beautiful girl. Dark, intelligent eyes. Have iPod, will walk. Right past me as it turns out.

I'm downtown Burlington, if you can call it that. For a city of 180,000 it has a remarkably posh but minimal downtown core. Perhaps I just wasn't in the right spot. Could be like Paris, low rent apartments with lower paid tenants behind a gorgeous facade, but somehow I doubt it.

The waterfront is peaceful. I loved walking toward "downtown" on it. It must be said that there was a high percentage of friendly people for Ontario. You can blame the nice weather. But the people I spoke with seemed to have a lingering habit of friendliness, like the smoker who doesn't quite stop. Could be the tap water.

I've obviously gone past downtown. I'm doubling back, walking through my favourite residential neighbourhood. The kind that doesn't make your skin crawl looking at 500 houses with three designs and four different colours. Old school, big lots, probably 1950s. 

Take that road, hike back to Brant street, gonna check that interesting looking coffee shop I passed before. Oh yeah. I'm definitely in B. Upscale, while trying to be cosy. It doesn't pull it off. You're too afraid of getting fingerprints on aunt Josie's coffee table. Still, the patrons look comfy. Wait. Is that...? Yup, dude's wearing Loafers, elegant socks and pressed khakis, and he doesn't look out of place. This is worse than a Starbucks in a swank neighbourhood. Whatever. The guys behind the counter certainly walk the earth.

Even so, I like the area, and I've got my medium coffee. Time to head toward waterfront to fetch the car. I'll just hike over the grass to hit that path with the flowering trees enclosing it. Aw, heck. 

Girl walking down the path. Jeans, red sweater. Dark, intelligent eyes. She's holding a medium coffee. I like that: moderation. I'll just sit on this bench. Great view of the water, and she's likely passing my way. I smile, give the slight wave. The greeting returns. Smile, wave, iPod, silent hello. I ought to say something. She walks past and heads for the further bench closer to the water.

I sit looking serene; just a guy taking in a sweet evening. My brain is screaming, mostly at my legs. I remain outwardly meditative, get up, walk to the water. This time I walk past her as she sits alone, sipping her medium coffee, listening to music, enjoying the evening. I keep walking. 


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